'CANOPY' 5 Senses artwork signed, stamped and framed





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Exclusive edition artwork by 5 Senses.

Accesorize your space with these limited edition artworks by 5 Senses.

'CANOPY' represents an original ikebana artwork by 5 Senses, photographed by Nicoleta and
printed on highest grade of 'Ise Washi' paper. This one-of-a-kind artwork was customized by
Nicoleta using 'nihonga' paints in gold and red.

'Ise washi' (Japanese paper) was developed more than a century ago and used to be reserved
solely to the sacred documents from Ise Shrine (the most worshipped Shinto shrine in Japan).
A century long tradition, preserved by local craftsmen is now available for limited edition prints.

The artwork is completeley framed and ready to elevate any space (home, office, hotel)

Original ikebana artwork by 5 Senses
Size: 394mm x 504mm
Printed on Ise Washi paper, high grade quality suitable for photographs
Frame has system in place, ready to be put up the wall