GO'EN by FIVE SENSES - eau de parfum





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GO'EN by 5Senses. Made in Japan
Top notes: グレープフルーツ、バジル、コリアンダー (grapefruit, basil, coriander)
Middle notes: スイートピー、ローズ、洋梨 (sweet pea, rose, pear)
Last notes: サンダルウッド、ピメントベリー、ベチバー (sandalwood, pimento berry, vetiver)

GO'EN by FIVE SENSES - eau de parfumは、香りの五感を刺激する一品です。贅沢で美しい香りが、あなたの日常に幸福感と贅沢感をもたらします。



GO'EN by FIVE SENSES - eau de parfum is a fragrance that stimulates the five senses. A luxurious and beautiful fragrance that brings happiness and luxury to your daily life.
The citrus and floral notes are in perfect harmony and the fragrance is soft and long lasting. The
long-lasting and expansive fragrance evokes a sense of beauty unique to Japan.
Scent is an important element that creates a person's personality and impression. The scent of
GO'EN will help bring out your charm. Why don't you have a memorable experience with your
loved ones, wrapped in a pleasant scent at a special moment?

*Please do a patch test before use. Do not apply around the eyes or mouth. If skin irritation
occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.